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EET Interactive Electronic Boards

Teacher Control Panel Modules

1. Dashboard

Get important information at a glance and monitor your students activities without entering to any system screen.

Attendance statistics chart shows the institute's attendance ratio automatically.

Teacher dashboard contains these widgets: Active classes, active courses, submitted exams, pending leave requests, To-Do's checklist, messages and files widgets.

2. Assigned Classes

Once a new class has been assigned to a teacher, they will easily view their assigned class title, number of students, class status whether it’s an active or a closed class.

In assigned classes, teacher can mark or edit attendance, submit or edit examination grades.

3. Assigned Courses

All assigned courses from all assigned classes will be shown here; each course has its own duration, start and end dates are all set by the system administrator.

Also in assigned courses, teacher can mark or edit attendance, submit or edit examination grades.

Teachers are able to quickly navigate between their assigned courses, and once a course is chosen, the system will automatically populate the students names of that course.

4. Attendance Marking & History

Teachers and students alike, lose around 5 – 10 minutes of every lesson time just to mark attendance, While marking attendance in teacher’s control Panel will not exceed 30 seconds.

Now... Your institute may totally stop and eliminate the use of attendance sheets printing, handling, filing, storing and distributing.

Remarks field can be used to mention the reason of a student’s absence.

Once “Submit Attendance” button is clicked; the system will save these records in teacher’s control Panel attendance history for their future reference, and a copy will be sent to Campus Control Panel attendance records.

5. Examination Submission

Similar to attendance marking; a teacher can quickly navigate between their assigned courses, and once a course is chosen, the system will automatically populate the students of that course.

Obtained mark fields can be filled according to any institute marking system: XX/XX, X/X and ABCDEF western marking.

When results are submitted they will be pending approval of Campus Control Panel Administrator.

Examination History

Examination results history stores every student’s submitted results; each result is categorized under assigned course title.

Teachers can find any result by searching for course title, class name or number or by examination date.

6. Assignments & Homework

Assignment is an optional feature to use, new homework creation starts by selecting the course title and recipient(s) type.

Recipient(s) type can be:
All students of a specific course.
Selected students.
Selected parents.
All parents.
All parents and all students of a specific course.

Assignments History

When a teacher announces an assignment/homework, recipients will receive notification and they will be able to view assignment details in their panel and mobile device.

History of assignments will be saved and stored in teachers, students and parents panels.

7. Built in Messaging & File Sharing Centers

Teacher Control Panel has the same messaging and file sharing capabilities of Campus Control Panel with some exceptions:
Teachers can not send messages or files to students they don’t teach, unless the teacher is a class coordinator.
Teachers can not send messages or files to parents of students they don’t teach, except for a class coordinator.
Teachers can not send messages or files to EET.

When Campus Control panel Administrator removes a class from a teacher’s load, the teacher will not be able anymore to communicate with parents and students of that class.

8. Notes

We know it's so important to take notes, as author Tim Ferriss says: "I trust the weakest pen more than the strongest memory."
Write your note and you're certain to remember it. Notes Module is available for all EET users.
You can export your notes to Clipboard, Excel, PDF or print them directly.

9. Leaves & Vacations

This module is built to manage employees' vacations and leaves in the institution.
Through a completely automated process, now you can put an end to the traditional old way of requesting vacations or leaves and stop wasting printer ink and papers.
All requests will be sent to institute's administration, awaiting approval or rejection. The system will notify you of the management's decision automatically.

History and statistics, will keep all your requests organized and ready for your reference, also it will enable you to track your off days count and new requests status.

10. Tasks Manager

Tasks are made by system administrator, sent to the assigned teacher awaiting accomplishment.
Tasks manager views task title and description, due date and time, task importance and status

11. Trash

Collects all deleted files and messages pending restoration or final deletion.

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More Features


Mark complete classroom attendance in few seconds. Share, print or download it by one click


Share exam results, with campus administrators, other instructors, students and their parents

Time Saving

No need to search for documents anymore, reach to all your work data by one click


Communicate and collaborate easily with staff, students and their parents.


Monitor students performance to maximize learning process success


Upload attendance records, grades and share them with management, students and their parents


Manage and monitor your class and students from any place in the world

Unlimited Data Storage

Store class data and protect it with our 7 daily system backups

Simple yet Powerful

Easy to use User Interface.

Messaging Center

Receive and send messages to administrators, teachers, parents or students and track their delivery.

File Sharing Center

No need to use flash memories, emailing or unsafe cloud sharing anymore! EET provides you an easy, secure and fast sharing of any file across all systems.

Events Calendar

Create class events, announcements, timetables and share them with selected recipients

Charts & Graphs

Get information about your class performance at a glance.

Push Notifications

Never miss any activity or new event

iOS & Android Apps

Manage your class, send and receive messages and files, mark attendance, upload grades right from your mobile