Our Systems

Are Completely integrated systems which simplify, manage, organize and computerize the whole educational process in your institute.
Using our systems will increase your market share and give you the opportunity to earn more money.
Furthermore, EET systems will assist you to professionally manage your campus, college or school in a single system.

student attraction

Our system uses the latest technology tools to attract students through streamlined enrollment process

student retention

Identify risk and reach out to students before they leave your institution,
improve retention and graduation rates

student performance

Track students, view grades and monitor performance through student surveys and assessment

student financing

EET enables institutions to manage students finance records, request payments, reduce costs and improve student services

student information

View complete student history and information with few clicks.

student tracking

360 degrees tracking of activities during the entire student study cycle

Using EET

in your institute will attract more students, as your institute uses the latest web, mobile and communication technologies.

Parents who reside in another country will find it even more advantageous to send their student to study in your institute,

because they want to be in a connectivity loop at all times. With Messaging and File sharing centers in campus control panel, your management and your teachers are 100% connected with each and every parent wherever they are on the map.

EET Advantages

Social Advantage

Our systems & apps can actually make students more interactive and create better engagement between parents and children. This points to both the power of new tech in the classroom and increased familial involvement in a student’s education


We’ve seen a cultural shift over the past ten years, in terms of how we interact with educational content and materials. This is apparent for both students and teachers, our tools add a new level of interaction and engagement with lessons that could not be realized previously

Learning Style Adaptation

Students learn in a variety of ways, making it difficult for teachers to meet every individual’s needs with manual lessons. Education software and apps can be adjusted to a specific student’s learning plan, allowing for a greater level of personalization. This can provide students, who would otherwise fall behind, with course material that keeps them on track with educational standards

24/7 Availability

Unlike school, our apps and software systems are available around the clock. Students now have more learning and communication opportunities. Lessons delivered through a student portal or app can be accessed at any time, essentially extending the classroom to students’ homes

Happier Earth

With a stronger emphasis on protecting the environment these days, our software and apps are certainly helping contribute to a healthier earth. Basically, less paper handouts, worksheets, and tests means less waste

Teacher, Parent, and Student Visibility

With new technologies changing the landscape of education, it’s important for teachers, parents, and students to explore the breadth of software. Our systems and apps can help develop strong bonds between all parties

EET Interactive Electronic Boards

School Control Panel Modules

1. Dashboard

A great feature for decision makers, get important information at a glance and monitor all users activities without entering to any system screen.

Quickly view & approve exam results, respond to a leave request, and view incoming messages and files.

Attendance statistics, automatically displays daily rates of students attendance and absence in your institute.

2. Hall/Classroom Management

For powerful and easy to understand Course Schedule, Organize and give a name to all classrooms or halls in your institute.

By assigning a name to your institute's classrooms, students will easily know, where their lessons are being held

Create, Modify, delete, activate or deactivate a hall in a second, all your changes are automatically published across all system's panels.

3. Faculty Management

An optional feature to use, mainly made for Universities to distribute their faculties over the Course schedule, and to automate the process of creating different timetables quickly and efficiently.

4. Major/Specialty Management

Organize courses in your institute according to specialties,

assigning courses to a certain specialty will make timetable inquiries easier and less time consuming.

5. Timetable System

Save time, effort and avoid human mistakes...

Define your entries and let the system generate Timetables automatically according to your institute's requirements.

Some of this system features: Defining class timing, grades’ subjects and their weekly classes, defining class periods and distribute them on teachers, students and parents.

Course Schedule Inquiry

Inquires are available for every system user.

Users will get detailed information where every lesson is being taught, by who, and when it starts and finishes.

Inquires are triggered by Academic year, Time frames, Faculty, Specialty, Subject title, Halls/Classroom and Subject Status.

All schedules can be electronically saved, and downloaded on user's device, printed, copied, or saved in Excel and PDF formats.

Semesters Management

Belongs to Timetable module, allows you to create and distribute timetables according to semesters and time frames.

6. Human Resources

This module is built to manage employees' vacations and leaves in the institution.

Through a completely automated process, now you can put an end to the traditional old way of requesting vacations or leaves and stop wasting printer ink and papers.

All requests will be sent to you, awaiting your approval, view, approve, or reject them. The system will notify the applicant of your decision automatically.

History and statistics, will keep all requests organized and ready for your reference, applicants also have statistics that will enable them to track their off days and their new requests status.

7. Tasks Manager

Distribute work tasks on employees and track their progress.

Define task's importance level, delivery deadline, optionally attach supporting documents.

Assigned employee will receive a notification of task details and it will be pinned to their dashboard awaiting completion.

8. Subject Management

Course Management provides you important course information at a glance, assigned classes and teachers, course duration, start and end dates.

Quickly create and close courses, assign or re-assign. Absent teacher? Assign a replacement in 2 seconds.

Push notifications will ensure that your teachers get notified about any new modifications happened to the course scheduling.

9. Class Management

Class Management will enable you to view important class statistics, such as number of classes in your institute, coordinator name of each class, number of students in a class and number of courses currently assigned to a class.

Once a new class is created, the assigned coordinator and assigned students will be notified of the creation, modifying will also trigger a notification.

Create, search, view, modify, or delete. Import class information to your local PC or mobile phone in PDF, Excel, Word and other format.

10. Teachers Management

Once you open Teachers Management, you will quickly differentiate between permanent and temporary teachers, each teacher's load, number of courses and classes assigned to him/her.

Quickly search and view specific teacher's records, update their information, or reset their password if necessary.

All management tabs in EET system provide you the ability to initiate a quick search and data import to your local computer or mobile phone in printer friendly formats.

11. Students Management

Get any student information such as; parent name, address, phone, email and to which class they belong.

View specific student's attendance history and examination results.

Only the system's administrator have the ability to create, reset passwords or delete students and parents accounts.

12. Parents Management

Easily grant and suspend parents access to the system by setting the status from Active to In-Active. View, modify or delete their account and information.

Parents will also be able to access the system via EET Android & iOS mobile applications which will keep them 100% connected to your school.

Push notification will ensure that any mobile application user won’t mess any new event.

Creating & Linking Parents

When a parent account is created they will get all your school news, teacher announcements, and home work, timetables and lectures schedules.

Creating and linking parents accounts to students can be done in 10 seconds, you can link one student account to a parent or if the same parent has 2 students in your school but they are in different classes, you can also link the second student's account by clicking on “Add another student” button.

EET Parents Platform is also equipped with messaging and file sharing capabilities. You are totally free to generate personal Institute’s revenue from Parents or Students accounts.

13. Attendance Management

Receive all your institute students attendance records from every teacher lesson by lesson, day by day in one place.

Search attendance history for a specific class, student, or a specific day.

Import records to your local computer or mobile device in print ready Excel and PDF formats.

14. Examination Management

Examination records will keep examination results saved in the history in a clean, organized and efficient manner. Not you or any of your teachers need to store mountains of exam papers anymore.

Search for a specific exam results by subject and date or by a specific teacher or student name.

When the course’s teacher submits exam results, they will appear in your control panel, you can choose to disapprove them. This option is very useful for school auditors. If you choose “Approve and Keep” parents and students will not get the results, while choosing “Approve and Distribute” will notify and send the results to each parent and student related to this exam.
The parent will receive only their son/daughter result – The student will receive only his/her result.

15. Built in Messaging & File Sharing Centers

EET Messaging and File Sharing Centers have the same speed of sound, they are instant, and there is no wasted uploading and downloading time.

Select message or file recipient type, then you can select if you want to send to specific or to all teachers, student and parents.

When you send, the specified recipient(s) will receive a notification in their panel at the upper right corner and on their mobile phone.
Messages and File Sharing history will retain all records of sent messages and files; it will enable every user to track delivery, view sent messages and download sent files.

16. Notes

We know it's so important to take notes, as author Tim Ferriss says: "I trust the weakest pen more than the strongest memory."

Write your note and you're certain to remember it. Notes Module is available for all EET users.

You can export your notes to clipboard, excel, pdf or print them directly.

17. Systems Activity Log

Activity log lists all users activities on the system, except any private communication between a parent and their child.

All users last online status, received and sent messages, files and homework are all recorded and saved in the Activity Log.

18. Trash

Collects all deleted files, messages, users accounts, and reports awaiting restoration or final deletion.

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More Features

Faculty Management

View employees leave requests, or absent instructors, quickly re-assign courses and classes. Create events more efficiently

Live Data Fetching

Monitor students progress, attendance, exam results and overall organization's performance via chart graphs

Time Saving

Save your employees time and efforts by automating daily repetitive tasks.

Data Preservation

7 Daily systems backup will ensure that your organization will never lose a file or any important information

Encrypted Data

Very secure and closed network, which ensures the safety and privacy of all users.

Fast Systems

Our systems were designed to withstand and to process large data without any lag


Manage and monitor your organization from any place in the world

Fully Responsive

EET systems look perfect on any device, be it a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet

Simple yet Powerful

Easy to use User Interface

Messaging Center

Send and receive messages to teacher, parents or students and track their delivery

File Sharing Center

No need to use flash memories, emailing or unsafe cloud sharing anymore! EET provides your organization an easy, secure and fast sharing of any file across all system dashboards.

Events Calendar

Create events and share them with your chosen recipients from teachers, students and their parents

Charts & Graphs

Get information about your organization's performance at a glance.

Push Notifications

Never miss any activity or new event

iOS & Android Apps

Manage your entire institution through a mobile device

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