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All you need to know about our plans.

Once you decide to opt for any of our paid plans, you can run a 14-day free trial first, it will help you decide which features are of the greatest value to you. Once the 14 day period is over, you will be asked to make your choice.

Lite Plan: Is FREE forever and it's best suited for small schools.
Advanced Plan: Will easily accommodate  medium to large schools.
Premium  Plan: Is designed for medium to large colleges and universities.
White Label Add-On: Is for any institute looking to be unique by providing their own branded system and mobile applications to all their users.

Admin Users refers to Campus/School Control Panel Administrators. The System Administrator is the one who creates Teachers, Students and Parents accounts that belong to the institution. Classes, Subjects, Courses, Calendars and Tasks are also created and assigned by the Control Panel Administrator to organization's employees.
Yes. You may upgrade your current plan anytime you wish. Once you decide to upgrade, if you are on a paid plan, we will charge your institute only the price difference.
We provide three payment methods for our clients:
1) Bank Wire Transfer.
You can find our bank account information in your organization's subscription invoice.
2) Online Payments by Visa & MasterCard.
If you wish to pay online please contact our billing department at
To give the institute the opportunity to evaluate EET system before making any payments. We provide each educational institution a 14 days FREE trial period, without commitments, contracts and without credit card details.
Once the trial period has finished and your institute has signed the contract and paid the annual subsription fee, NO refunds will be issued.
However, there are certain circumstances in which we may issue a refund:
In case we couldn't verify your institute details.
The subscription contact was signed by a person who is not authorized to act on behalf of the institution.
The subscription fee was payed to EET by an individual person.

For more information about payments and refunds, please refer to section "8" in the subscription contract. If you have any questions, you can always contact our billing department at
At the end of your trial, you will receive an email from our billing department contains your subscription invoice. In case of no payment received within 5 working days, your will be downgraded to our FREE plan. For more detailed information, please contact our billing department at

General Questions (10)

The answers on most common questions we receive are described below.

First you have to choose one of our free or paid plans according to your institute's requirements. In paid plans, we provide each institute a 14 days free trial to use our systems and mobile applications. When this period ends, we will send you a subscription contract and an invoice for signing.
Sure. We provide a FREE plan and 14 days free trial period on paid plans without any commitment. In these 14 days you have the chance to check our systems and decide if your organization needs such services.
Your institute may continue using EET systems by choosing one of our Free or paid plans.
Yes. Please contact us at
White label add-on provides your institute with EET systems and mobile applications without EET branding. Instead of "EET" logos your institute's logos will be placed. The price of White label is only $2000 / year, this cost is added to the chosen paid plan price.
Yes. It's possible only if your organization has purchased a lifetime licence to use EET Systems.
We neither rent nor sell your school Information or Student's Personal Information. We also use coding practices which take steps to prevent attack on our servers and systems from web browsers and malicious scripts, by processing all actions through several permission verifications checks.
It does not matter your organization's complexity and size. Our enterprise grade system geared towards large businesses with high user volumes and advanced requirements.
Granting EET exclusivity depends on many factors, please send your exclusivity request to to determine your organization's eligibility.

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