Excellence Educational Technologies Brand Assets


All Worldwide Rights Reserved - EET Systems are protected in 175 countries by the Berne Convention Copyright Act, 1886 Berne - Switzerland. Member countries of Berne Convention are listed here.

The abbreviation “EET” of Excellence Educational Technologies and EET logos, graphics, designs, button icons, and service names, (“EET Brand Assets”) are registered trademarks, service marks, word marks of EET.

The following guidelines outline how you can use our Brand Assets without entering into a separate legal agreement with EET.

For more information, please contact us at info@eet.by.

The Do's & Don't's

Use official logos, icons, and graphical designs provided on this page.

Use unaltered screenshots of EET, only when secured from EET websites and systems.


Use logos, or graphics not supplied by EET other than those made available for download on this page.


Rotate, change the design or color of, distort, remove, or otherwise modify any EET Brand Asset or screenshot.


Display EET Brand Asset on a website or other medium that violates any law or regulation.

Endorsement, Sponsorship and Marketing Materials

Use EET Brand Assets to refer to EET and its services.

Use our Brand Assets to illustrate that your organization is powered by EET Systems.

Use EET Brand Assets in your marketing or advertising materials if your organization has a valid EET subscription.


Use any EET Brand Asset to refer to any good, service, or brand other than EET.

Naming and Design of Products, Services or Websites

Name your product, service, or website with something unique and distinguishable from EET.

Design your website with unique branding and logos that differentiate it from EET’s websites, logos, systems and mobile applications.


Use EET (or any misspelling or transliteration) in the name of your product, service, or website, as that might confuse people.


Copy the look and feel of any website or product design, typography, graphic designs, icons, imagery, or content associated with EET as this could create user confusion.

Merchandise and Manufactured Items


Manufacture or sell apparel, products, toys, or any merchandise that contains any EET Brand Assets or any other confusingly similar marks.

Conferences, Broadcasts, and Publications

Use EET Brand Assets in conferences, broadcasts, and publications if your organization has or going to have a valid EET subscription.

Always follow the guidelines in this page when using EET Brand Assets.

Place the following tagline beneath any image featuring an EET system screenshot, logo, or graphic: (EET and the EET logo are registered trademarks of Excellence Educational Technologies, LLC.)

EET logos are available in the following color combinations: colored on black, colored on white, white on black, white on blue or white transparent. No other configurations or colors are permitted.

EET Vector logo provides flexibility and scalability allowing it to be enlarged to fit the side of a building or reduced to fit the size of a business card without jeopardizing quality.

When using EET logos, please be sure to comply with this page.

To download EET Brand Asset, please visit our Downloads Page

By using any EET Brand Asset, you agree to follow these regulations, as well as our Terms of Service.

EET reserves the right to cancel, modify or change the permissions granted in this page at any time, in it's sole discretion.