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Company Overview

Excellence Educational Technologies is young, focused and wholly international company, operating in different corners of the globe.

We are committed to our client's satisfaction and we support their superiority by offering them an effective and unique educational systems.

Excellence Educational Technologies, EET and EET Systems are all registered trademarks to Excellence Educational Technologies.
EET is registered in the Republic of Belarus  under the certificate number 06658331 and Tax payer identification number 691102002.


Our Mission

Automate school, college and university managers and teachers repetitive work to save time and boost their productivity.

To help your team overcome job difficulties and your organization make more money and to give managers a pleasant management experience.


Our Vision

To be recognized in the international market as an international company possess unrivaled capabilities in delivering value added educational management systems at competitive price.


Scope of EET Services

Our systems are a collection of automated tools and features to manage, execute and perform educational organizations daily tasks easily and automatically, designed professionally to be user-friendly and simple to use by any user through web based interface and mobile applications.

EET system consist of different control panels and platforms which will enable school/university administrators to control, organize and manage teachers/instructors  classes, courses, timetables, attendance and examinations and much more other features.

Students have their own platform which allows them to be fully connected to their school's management and teachers all the time.

EET Systems also take parents into account by providing them the ability  to monitor their son's/daughter's learning performance and activities through their computer or even their mobile phone.

Our Story

At EET We all come to work everyday to ease the challenges educational institutions
face on daily bases

Some of The Problems


There is no seamless communication between students, parents, teachers and institute administrators

Time waste

Managers waste a lot of their time searching for a document between mountains of documents


Managers lack the methods to efficiently track teachers to evaluate their effectiveness

Delayed Payments

It's hard for institutions to cope with their finances and fees collection


Institutions are unable to manage information and there are endless delays in taking decisions based on complete analysis


Managers don't have a result based monitoring system, and are not fully aware of institution's progress and performance

Communication Gap

Parents are not completely involved in their son's/daughter's learning process

Less Productive

Teachers waste more than 50% of their work time in creating then searching for documents, and around 15 minutes of every lesson to mark attendance or to distribute grades


Teachers are struggling to keep up with students activities, attendance, assignments, and examinations

Some of Our Solutions

Go paperless

Automatically create reports by one click


Eliminates manual work considerably


EET connects and engages your institute and it's employees with students and their parents

Course Management

Easily assign or re-assign courses to teachers


Track teachers and students progress

fast search

Administrators and teachers can quickly search any information by name, class, course or even date.

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Our Promise

It's our commitment not to sell people something they don't want or need. Instead we ask our potential customers to name tasks they hate doing but have to do regularly. Like creating and managing students attendance records, using emails and flash memories for file sharing or trying to contact a parent or a student.

Helping your team overcome job difficulties, tactfully helping educational organizations make more money and giving managers a pleasant management experience is where the EET team shines. We work tirelessly and we keep upgrading our systems and integrating more & more features in them.

Why Choose EET?

Cloud Based solution

EET is a cloud based educational management system with the ability to automate, streamline, monitor and communicate information related to students, employees, parents, and all day to day administrative activities

increased business flexibility

We build higher flexibility in school, colleges and universities with automated workflows allows you to improve efficiency, productivity and reliability. We deliver you the capabilities to transform your educational experience and achieve superior results

fully customizable

EET is fully customizable and mobile ready right from the start
Whether to manage students or staff data
EET is designed with maximum flexibility

Complete integrated system

EET is an easy-to-use, fast to deploy
best-in-class cloud-enabled educational management system which can be seamlessly integrated with your institute

updates & upgrades

We'll take care of all that.
You just use our system, EET works in an entirely different model. You don't have to install hardware or software, take backups and so on. You just connect with EET,
and you are up and running.

Improved education continuity

Our system is developed for optimal performance along with a secure environment to ensure data protection and privacy


3 languages are currently supported
and more languages on the way

5 Stars Support

We know how it feels to need support. We provide qualified 24/7 ticket & chat support to treat you as we would like to be treated.

latest technologies

We're constantly adding more features and promising techniques in our system
which will make your institute's performance better and better