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Students Want easy, quick and digital access to information  and services.
We believe its important for schools, colleges and universities to think ahead, EET helps keeping institutes on the forefront of digital innovation and technology, with an aim to increase the student, parents and teachers overall performance.  

EET Interactive Electronic Boards

Student Platform Modules

1. Dashboard

Student Platform will enable students to:

~ Receive quiz exams.
~ View their personal examination results.
~ View personal attendance and absence records.
~ View active courses, timetables and duration.
~ Read school events and news.
~ Receive messages and files from teachers and        school administrators.
~ Receive real-time push notifications via EET Mobile     Apps for Android and iOS.


2. Assignments & Homework

Teachers announced homework is published to students and parents panels.
Assignments Module allows the students to track their progress and organizes homework according to the status.
History will retain all past assignments for future reference with an added ability to export data and create reports.

3. Assigned Subjects

Views student's active subjects, teachers names and lessons location.
Also it views attendance statistics and examination results of a particular subject. Start, end dates and subject status.
Any changes made by the administrator will trigger a notification for students related to the modified subject.

4. Timetables

Enables Students to:

~ Defining class location, timing & periods.
~ Defining group subjects and merged classes.
~ Automatically generate timetable according to the department.
~ Export timetables in Excel and PDF Formats.

5. Exam Results

Enables students to get all their exam results
Once a new result is published, all subject related students will be notified.

6. Attendance

This module automatically delivers attendance statistics of every student individually, lesson by lesson, day by day.
Attendance records keeps all attendance data saved for any future reference.
Reports can be printed or exported in PDF, Excel and other formats.

7. Built in Messaging & File Sharing Centers

Built in messaging and file sharing center will keep students of your school always connected to your stuff.
Course management will enable them to search, view and download attendance, assignments and exam results by one click
The Platform is able to generate reports that can be exported to local computer or a mobile phone in PDF, Excel, Word and other formats.

8. Notes

We know it's so important to take notes, as author Tim Ferriss says: "I trust the weakest pen more than the strongest memory."
Write your note and you're certain to remember it. Notes Module is available for all EET users
You can export your notes to Clipboard, Excel, PDF or print them directly.

9. Trash

Collects all deleted files, messages, and assignments for restoration or final deletion.

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More Features


View your attendance records lesson by lesson everyday


Receive your examination results

News & Announcements

Read school news, teacher announcements and be more informed of new school events


Monitor & track your performance


View school's events calendar, timetables and lessons schedule

School Fees

Receive notification regarding School payments


Monitor your learning performance from any place in the world

Push Notifications

Never miss any activity or new school's events

Simple yet Powerful

Easy to use User Interface.

Messaging Center

Receive messages from school administrators and your teachers

File Sharing Center

Receive files from school administrators and your teachers

iOS & Android Apps

Whether you are the Campus Administrator, Teacher, Parent or a Student. Stay alarmed on the go.

Help Students Stay Engaged

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